Internal Communication Within an Organization

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Running Head: Internal Communication Internal Communication Internal Communication Communication connects the society and everything that exists in this world. With the development of human relationships, communication in verbal and non-verbal form took place, which was in particular not given a name but held its utter importance in connecting the living beings around each other. According to Smith (2008), communication is what enables people to form relationships with each other and the quality of their relationships depends upon their communications (Smith, 2008). In the present world, this can be applied anywhere from home, street or work where people are in constant touch with each other. They tend to connect with each other based on verbal and non-verbal skills, which defines that communication is an important need of the time. Communication in simple words is defined as the process of sharing ideas information and messages with others. Writing, talking and non-verbal communication and all other advanced modes of technology are now included as different modes and methods of communication. This research paper tends to analyze one of the many concepts of organizational communication by applying the concepts to General Motor's workplace. However, the company now has reached its peak of success only sooner after they realized their communication shortcomings inside the organization. This paper gives the review of past performance of the company's internal and leadership
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