Internal Conflict : A Blessing And Curse For Any Organisation

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Internal conflict can be a blessing and curse for any organisation. The conflict that ensures may have extreme ramifications on the business, however through conflict some of the greatest innovations can be born ensuring a business thrives. Although workplace diversity can cause conflict it can easily broaden the horizons for an organisation and spark communication. Internal conflict will result in the scrutiny of organizational habits and help expel practices that may be hindering the future of a business. Corporations thrive on competition within the workplace. If an organisation fails to properly deal with internal conflict, then all operations of the business could be effected. The resolution of an internal conflict can be time consuming and therefore unproductive for the business. Internal conflict within a corporation results in a distrustful and unharmonious environment for its employees.
Often within the workplace, diversity in all aspects can cause divides between employees and spark conflict, however can spark innovation through the different ideologies of workers. The conflicts stemming from clashes in ideologies and work habits, help facilitate innovations upon the resolution of the workplace conflict.
A diverse work team comprises individuals with different ways of thinking…diversity can yield several positive consequences. For instance, research shows that compared to homogenous work teams, diverse work teams generally produce greater creativity, innovation

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