Internal Conflict In Much Ado About Nothing

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In the play Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, Shakespeare consistently shows that success in the play comes from balancing external and internal conflict between two protagonists. Much Ado About Nothing follows the story of the humorous war between Beatrice and Benedick and the love story of Claudio and Hero. Both external and internal conflict are displayed in Beatrice and Benedick when they come to the realization that they have unexpected love for each other. Internal and external conflict makes the play successful because of its balance throughout. Internal and external conflict throughout the play makes it successful because the audience can relate to the characters in that to find love within someone else you must go through conflict to create the bond between two people to create love. In the first scene of Much Ado about nothing we first see external conflict between Beatrice and Benedick in Leonato's estate where they continuously exchange witty insults. Benedick goes on to talk about his way of sleeping around with as many women as he wants and constantly putting beatrice down. “What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?” This shows external conflict from Benedick towards Beatrice by insulting her and putting her down. This shows the clear dislike for Beatrice and that they have a poor relationship between each other and his negative outlook on love. “Lady Disdain” is a metaphor that gives Beatrice a title that she is negative and a difficult person. Beatrice then proceeds to comeback with more witty remarks towards Benedick as a way of showing her hatred towards Benedick and. “I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me”. This also shows an external conflict in Beatrice because of her dislike for Benedick and men in general and would rather stay an independent woman than deal with the dramas and conflict that come with love. The technique Shakespeare uses in this quote is a contrast. This is done to emphasis how meaningless love is to her and that she doesn't need love to be happy. External conflict makes this scene successful because it gives the audience insight on what both the characters are like and their views on love. It is clear that both Beatrice and

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