Internal Conflict In Trapline By Eden Robinson

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In the short story "Traplines" the writer, Eden Robinson, shows the internal conflict the main character, Will, has trouble in finding his true identity by showing his relationships with the Smythe's, his family, and his friends. Throughout the story, the Smythe's seem to be some sort of safe place for Will, yet he cannot be true to himself if he were to stay there. Will is afraid of what others, his friends in this case, might say about living with his white teacher, Mrs. Smythe. "I didn't want to spend the night at my eglish teacher's house. Tony and Craig would never shut up" (Robinson, 13) Of course Will would be much safer and happier living with the Smythe's, but as he is trying to find his place, he could not bear to have his group of friends judge his decisions and possibly shun him. Will is afraid the Smythe's might find out what happens in his home and take action. "'Why'd you lie?' he said quietly. We were alone in the kitchen. I swallowed. He was a lot bigger than me. When he reached over, I put my hands up and covered my face. He stopped, then took the phone out of my hands. 'It's okay,' he said. 'I won't hurt you. It's okay.'" (Robinson, 13) Will reacting this way shows he is afraid that Mr.Smythe might hurt him. This might have raised some suspision. Of course, Will does not like his brother, and we are not fully sure on how he feels about his parents, so we can assume he would not want to give his family problems. If his parents found out, Will
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