Internal Consultants : An Organization Development Professional

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Internal Consulting

According to Lacey, (n.d.), an internal consultant is an organization development professional who is employed full time by an organization and who reports to a general or senior management. The group project consists of the internal consultants working for CROS Ministries. CROS Ministries serves the hungry in Palm Beach and Martin Counties through community collaboration. The charity is a non-profit organization that in order to sustain their operations, they must fundraise. The internal consultant will be evaluating ways to make the annual walk fundraising event even profitable for the organization. The internal consultant team has the following strengths:
• Marketing, Communication,
• Social Media,
• Security,
• In-kind service
• Administration
• Diversification
• Event management
• Administration.
The mission and goals for the team is to double the amount of participant and sponsors for the annual walk. It is imperative to empower the staff by focusing on the mission, goals and teamwork. This event will raise awareness in order to continue to provide hope one meal at a time. The department will utilize the skill set mentioned above, in order to facilitate a platform of ideas in order to make the event a successful one.
GAP Analysis
The Gap analysis illustrates that the event planning department is lacking innovative ideas and has a deficiency when it comes to collaborating with other departments. In addition, the event has been…
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