Internal Control Of The International Students

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Than Zaw
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Internal Control Paper I’m an international student and there is a policy about that the international students aren’t legally eligible to work at off-campus so I don’t work in US. However, one of my best friend work at the sewing business, Alejandra’s Fashion, Inc, as a top-level manager. The business produces Garments, T-shirt, Silk-screen designs and Finishing to individual customers and wholesales their products as unique uniforms for organization and associations.
Internal controls are policies, procedures, methods and measures to provide reasonable assurance. There are four general objectives of internal control: 1. Assets are safeguard and used for business purposes 2. Accounting records & business information are accurate 3. Employees & managers comply with laws and regulations 4. Increase efficiency of operations.
1. Identify 10 to 15 internal controls that are employed by the company identify each control by type of control activity
1. Control Environment: Their CEO and Top-level mangers oversee the company’s financial reports and set their company short term, intermediate and long-term goals. 2. Risk Assessment: Top level-mangers identify, analysis and find solutions of all the possible internal and external sources of risks related to the achievement of company objectives. 3. Information and Communication: All Managers have meetings every other day to make sure the management is up to date on their goals that must be…
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