Internal Controls for Information Technology

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Internal Controls for Information Technology ACC 544 September 2, 2013 Miriam Shealy Internal Controls for Information Technology Internal controls for Information Technology are important as they help protect the company’s assets. Internal controls are necessary to comply with the security of the company’s information. Internal controls will be reviewed in this document as well as how can the company review its security over their internal controls. The assets of the company need to be protected. In order to do so, the company needs to review for risks. The company needs to develop a plan for what internal control measures they would want to put into place. Internal controls will help guide how we protect our…show more content…
Managing each case when they happen is important. The company may not have all of the protection they may need to protect their assets. Each case that they come across should be managed and communities. This will allow the system to get stronger when a leak happens. The company will need to communicate the changes that are necessary with the people that use their systems, and install their protocol to their systems. This will need to be tested and monitored to make sure it is working properly. The main objective is to not let the case happen again to the system. Finally, the company should have a backup plan in case of an emergency or a melt down on the system. The company’s backup plan should consist of having another system that can function if the main system goes down due to a natural disaster or an internal issue. The company will need to protect both systems in a secure location. This would include backing up the companies data to the secondary location. This will help to minimize the loss of any information. The company will still should be able to function in case of something happening, such as a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. The company will need to decide what they feel is necessary to their business to implement on their backup plan. In summary, the company needs to manage, monitor, and protect their assets as much as they can. The company having a backup plan is part of the protection to keep the company going.
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