Internal Dialog, Blind Side

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Chad Howard Professor Brooks Com 100 14 March, 2011 COM 100 Midterm Exam- Blind Side 1. Michaels self awareness and perception process concerning his internal dialog when starting at the school was negative because he was the “fish out of water”. In regards to self-awareness, Michaels open self is a feeling of being lost or out of place. This was most likely due to being in a wealthy, prominently white society. Michael’s blind self awareness was his protective instincts. On the football field and in the car accident when he protected S.J. The person in specific whom recognized Michael’s ability to protect was Leigh Anne. Information that was hidden to others but known to Michael was his past, whether it being his mother being a…show more content…
This affected Mike because he did not fit in socially, appearance wise, educationally, nor financially. Mike did not have a huge conflict with his gender, but when he began playing football, he had a hard time using his aggression that a male naturally possesses. Mike was far too gentile to succeed at football in his beginning stages. 3. All throughout the movie it was tough for Big Mike to exercise his verbal communication, making it difficult for his peers and new family to identify who he was, or what he could excel at. A specific time in the movie when his non-verbal communication spoke words was when Michael and S.J. get in a car crash. After the incident, while S.J. loves the attention from the EMT’s, Leigh Anne and Mike are having a talk about the accident, and the possible outcome. Mike keeps extremely quiet as Mrs. Touhy explains how lucky S.J. is that he did not receive more injuries, and how the airbag was prevented from injuring S.J. Because Mike does not show her his arm early in the conversation it leaves Leigh Anne in confusion. When he was asked what happened to his arm, he simply replied with “I stopped it”. When the verbal dialog was used, immediately Mrs. Touhy had realized his natural protective instinct. From there, Leigh Anne knew Mike had the best interest of the family and their well being. 4. Different styles of listening applied to The Blindside. Non-Judgmental- When Leigh Anne went to
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