Essay about Internal Entrepreneurship at the Dow Chemical Company

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MILAN MOHANTY INTERNAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY Overview:- The Dow Chemical Company is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world in terms of revenue and in terms of market capitalization; it is the third largest in the world (as of 20071). There was a steady growth of the market from the year 2002. But before that the company faced a back drop in the profit margin. The company realized its growth in 2002 only after merging with Union Carbi as the company’s sells rose to $27.8 billion. Back in 1998, the company faced the real down turn of the sale to $18.4 billion. Then, for 4 years continuously, the company managed to keep the sales around $20 billion. In the year 2000, the company planned to adopt a…show more content…
* Ian Telford, the European sales Director for EP&I can be considered as major pillar for the strength of the company. His crystal clear goals and visions for the company established an efficient procedure for the development of the company and his enthusiasm and the hunger for success motivated its employees for a better team work with success keeping in mind. He was flexible with his concepts and the strategy so that he can react as per the situation, which helped him to overcome the hurdles which came in the way of his success. Weakness: * The company has to suffer economical loss due to its cyclic nature of production. The production does not run at full efficiency every time. This leads to the waste of energy, money and resources. * There was no transparency in the price of EP&I products which can act as a hindrance in the market. No transparency of the price can lead to a bad market status and thus leading to a heavy decline in the efficiency. * The attitude and behavior of Ian may not be a big concern for the development of the company but it can degrade the motivation which can degrade the strength and unity of the employees in the company. This can lead to downturn of efficiency and shows the sign of immaturity. Opportunity: * The management should consider a group of customers who solely wants product at low cost rather than consignment or service. * The management should take
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