Internal Environment

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I. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT: ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS Corporate Structure. Mercedes-Benz corporate structure is representing eleven different departments, with an average of four core practice areas in each. Let’s start the discussion of the corporate structure by considering Corporate Communications Department. This department works on cultivating a positive news-media image and manages internal communications to retails. . Whenever Mercedes-Benz owners are in need of answers on their questions, customer service is there for them 24/7, Customer Service department is responsible for providing solutions to the problems and offer roadside assistance. The next one is the Distribution and Logistics department, which ensures the timely…show more content…
“This is the concept of offering high end products and services appealing to discriminating consumers”. Brand image is an important factor in the premium business model, as quality is often a subjective matter. The main idea of such business model is that it seeks for a higher profit margin on a lower sales volume. Value Chain. Primary Activities are presented on the bottom of the flowchart. Inbound Logistics is where goods are received from a company 's suppliers, and stored until they are needed on the assembly line. Interesting fact, that Mercedes-Benz purchases their raw material from all around the world. Because of maintenance of the good relationship with their suppliers, the company is using Just-In- Time approach for handling of raw material. The next primary activity presented on the picture is “Operations”. On this step goods are assembled. Individual operations include organizing the parts to make new cars and the final tune for a new car 's engine. Outbound Logistics starts when goods are finished, and they sent along the supply chain to wholesalers or the final consumer. By the way, Mercedes-Benz manages own Showrooms in different countries using effective business tools, so it makes their product easily assessable. The next goes marketing and sales activities. This area focuses strongly upon marketing communications and the promotions mix to meet the needs of targeted customers. Service includes all areas, such as final
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