Internal Environment of Nika Corporate Housing

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The next section of this paper will discuss the internal environment of Nika Corporate Housing. The internal analysis is important because it identifies the firm’s organizational strengths and weaknesses, it evaluates how well the firm utilizes its resources and capabilities and how they can be used to obtain a competitive advantage. We will describe Nika’s business operations, identify their customers, address where they operate, define the firm size, and identify the company founding date and discuss Nika’s growth pattern. The paper will then go on to explain and evaluate the effectiveness of Nika’s mission statement. Next, we will describe the Nika’s assess performance using a three step process which includes: describing what the…show more content…
(Barney and Hesterly 2010) The need for a mission statement is based on the presumption that a well-designed mission statement is linked to better organizational performance because it provides a framework for decision making, influence over employee motivation, and a mechanism for signaling organizational legitimacy to stakeholders. (Kirk and Beth 2010) A study in the Journal of Management and Development found that organizational performance was positively affected by the degree of non-managerial employees' involvement in the process of mission statement development and that it negatively affected performance when financial goals were included in the mission statement. (Alavi and Karami 2009) Next we will take a closer look at Nika’s mission statement found in the company’s Employee Handbook: “It is the express intent of Nika Corporate Housing: I. To Provide the best customer service possible II. To treat each of our guests with all of the respect, care, and understanding that they deserve. III. To provide an exceptional service, exceptional product and an exceptional experience for our guests. IV. To provide a safe and secure working environment for our staff, employees and contractors. V. To resolve issues quickly and with the least amount of inconvenience for our guests as possible.” An effective mission should be a broad statement of its purpose and values, followed by objectives that can be used to evaluate the extent

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