Internal/External Supply Chain Customers for Kmart

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AMEC Paragon's Supply Chain Jerry Gragg OSC 300 Strategic Supply Chain Management Steve Knabe November 8, 2005 AMEC Paragon's Supply Chain Effective supply chain management can be described as the efficient utilization of methods and processes that integrate manufacturers, suppliers, and distribution channels in a way that delivers product and/or services at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the needed location to minimize costs and maximize profit and customer satisfaction (Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, & Simchi-Levi, 2005). AMEC Paragon believes this is essential to the well being of the solutions provider and makes it part of our mission statement…show more content…
Procurement then follows the product and service to contract delivery and completion. The Scheduling Department maintains data about product and service requirements in specific time periods. The Logistics Department will use scheduling data to insure a welder is available for welding a pump manifold assembly, and that the vendor will have shipped, received, stored, and moved to the specific job site location, the components that the welder needs at the time it is required. The Survey and Inspection Department monitors each development stage and schedules on-site inspections of individual components to approve overall construction performance. The Completions Department uses trained "Check-Out" and "Start-Up" personnel to perform Specification Validation checks on construction and equipment to enable platform startup and process production. AMEC Paragon uses different personnel, equipment, and engineering methodologies to accomplish successful project completions. Managing the supply chain is a major element in the constructing of any offshore platform. Typical of this was a recent project off the West African coast of Angola. The national oil company of Angola, Prodol, required that gas flare from 35 platforms be gathered on one platform and chemically cleaned before burned off to the atmosphere. Air quality is becoming a real problem for the people living along the Angolan coast and some pollutants were beginning to affect the fish that served

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