Internal Marketing Issues in Service Organizations in Malaysia

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Internal Marketing Issues in Service Organizations in Malaysia
Norbani Che Ha, Raida Abu Bakar & Syed Izzaddin Syed Jaafar*
Internal marketing is an important concept where firms apply marketing tools to attract and retain the best employees, which will later affect business performance. The study has identified constructs (interfunctional coordination & intergration, customer orientation, marketinglike approach, job satisfaction, empowerment, employee motivation, quality of service, employee development, vision of the organization, strategic reward, internal communication, senior leadership) of internal marketing which are tested against business performance. The study’s implication is to help organizations design its own internal
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This can be done through inter-functional coordination and integration. The concept is defined as the coordinated utilization of an organization’s resources in creating superior value for target customers (Narver & Slater, 1990). When an organization is able to use its resources effectively to create value, it will ensure long term profitability thus improving business performance. The role of internal marketing in integrating marketing and personnel functions must be to the extent in which personnel become a resource for the marketing function (Glassman & McAfee, 1992). Thus, it is important to include this concept in testing the implementation of internal marketing within organizations. The variable is tested using an established scale developed by Narver & Slater (1990). The first proposition of the study is formulated as follow : P1 : There is a positive relationship between inter-functional coordination and integration and business performance of service organizations in Malaysia Customer Orientation Gronroos (1981) first allude to the fact that customer orientation is the driving force for internal marketing. This is especially important for services organizations where the most crucial part of the business occurs during employee-customer contact. Hence, internal marketing’s aim

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