Internal Marketing of an Organization

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1. Internal marketing is focused inward on the organization, used to motivate all functions within the company towards an objective (No author, 2012). In this situation, Revlon management needs to make the case for increasing its focus on sustainable or green cosmetics. The initiative will require the company to divert some resources from existing operations, so the internal marketing will need to focus on justifying that. The internal marketing effort will need to shift the company's philosophies, which to this point have not focused on green initiatives. For Revlon, this is the first step in "greening" the company. Senior management buy-in is essential here, and the initial communications must come from them. There needs to be constant reinforcement and because this is an internal marketing program the company also needs to provide some justification in the form of market information. If the company is in a state of crisis, that will also help, because crisis usually creates motivation for change. 2. There are significant opportunities in marketing greener cosmetics. Reliable figures are difficult to find, but one report showed that the natural cosmetics industry is worth $6.9 billion and is growing (McHugh, 2010). To the extent that number can be taken seriously, the implication is that there is a lot of money on the table for green cosmetics both in Europe and in North America. Major competitor L'Oreal owns the Body Shop and Shiseido owns Bare Escentuals, which it
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