Internal Medicine Admission Essay

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I had an option between science of human and science of technology, I chose former as my career. I love to follow principles and wish to serve humanity as well so this seems the perfect field for me. After a thorough analysis and a complementary evaluation, I decided to be a general physician as Internal Medicine has always fascinated me and it can help me reach my future goals.
My medical school has influenced me a lot to help discover my interests. I was very keen to participate in every ward during my clerkship. But the general medicine wards were the one where I found gratification to work there. One of the pragmatic reasons to join Internal Medicine is the need to develop a more dynamic approach to problem solving, diagnosing and treating …show more content…

I felt the strong need of charity for the non-affording patients during my internship. There were many charitable organizations whom I contacted for the needy patient especially for their medications and expensive medical tests. Sometimes, in life when I feel being indecisive I turn to the poetic music, it helps me feeling refreshed and feeding my soul again.
I could be a valuable addition to internal medicine residency program based on my experiences during internship in my home country and during externship in U.S. These experiences have provided me the power to uphold my determination and confidence in the healthcare system of any country where I am working. I have always deemed reliable by my patients and they have always been satisfied with me. Now this depends upon the trust of my residency program in me and the opportunities provided. My enthusiasm and the potential to learn about the new healthcare environment is really worthy provided the real chance.
I am really looking forward to join as an Internal Medicine Resident in a program that has strong academic aspects and offers a tremendous training opportunity, the program that owns me and in turn we cherish this professional bond together and serve the community for not only these three years but beyond that

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