Internal Medicine Clerkship Research Paper

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I still remember something one of my college professors told me on the last day of his class:
"Never stop being curious," he said. I liked his message; it was simple without being trite.
To me, it emphasized following a path in life that is intellectually stimulating and promotes lifelong learning. Those words still resonate loudly with me today as I prepare for my journey towards residency and what I hope will prove to be a long and rewarding career in medicine. As a third year medical student, several factors motivated me to choose a residency in
Internal Medicine. During my Internal Medicine clerkship, I experienced the intricate thought processes involved in treating patients with multiple co-morbidities, as well as the energy and compassion
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My job became not only to determine what brought these people to the hospital, but also to find out who they really were because, more often than not, the two were intertwined. It moved me to see how my curiosity and patience in learning about each person's background helped me to better treat each individual.
For these reasons, a career in Internal Medicine would satisfy both my thirst for knowledge and my desire for strong patient relationships. Furthermore, I know that I have the skill set and the drive that will help me become a caring and competent physician. My involvement in activities both inside and outside of medicine has made me well-rounded and enables me to work effectively with different types of people in various situations. Being a member of a musical band has reinforced the importance of communication and working as a teamplayer, and holding a class office for nearly three years has instilled in me a great sense of responsibility and organization. Finally, co-chairing a large-scale benefit event for Saint
Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia confirmed to me how much I enjoy playing an active role in the community, and validated my ability to be a successful
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