Internal Medicine Personal Statement Is The Mystery Of The Human Body

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Internal Medicine Personal Statement Since high school I was mesmerized by the mystery of the human body. I always wanted to study the structure of the smallest cells. Nevertheless, my admiration for the noble work of doctors in helping people and relieving the suffering of others was one of my primary reasons for wanting to pursue a career in medicine. Being born in a family that has always encouraged utilizing our inherent gifts to the fullest extent, I have excelled in every academic venture I have undertaken. My ambition to become a competent physician culminated when I was selected in the top 200 among a 100,000 applicants to attend the best medical school in my country, the University of Khartoum. Oliver Twist always asks for…show more content…
During my internship, I had a patient newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He and his family came from a rural area and did not have enough knowledge about the disease. Seeing that, I took the time to educate them about his condition and the details of his care.A year later I received a phone call from this patient’s family thanking me for what I did, and consulting me for a minor illness that he encountered at that time. Although they knew I was a junior doctor, they have valued my opinion. I felt appreciated and exhilarated to experience such a satisfying moment. Learning medicine in Sudan was challenging, being in a country with a culturally diverse population and limited resources doctors are confronted countless times by the lack of diagnostics, medications and even hospital beds. Therefore, patient care necessitates sharp physicians who rely on their fierce clinical sense. Throughout the years I realized how important it is for a physician to build such a firm clinical background. It is stunning how minor changes in clinical signs and symptoms could lead to different interpretations from one patient to another. Every case was challenging and mysterious, nonetheless I incredibly enjoyed the intellectual stimuli and the excitement of solving clinical puzzles and interacting with patients. Additionally, I believe I have an inquisitive nature, and I resolved to take on the intellectual challenges offered. This along with my intense passion will guide me to
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