Internal Network Security

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Introduction The development of technology has brought Internet to become the mass communication media between people or companies. Through Internet, people can communicate with other people in various places. Companies can get many advantages by using Internet network to support their business. Therefore, companies are trying as hard as they can, and give high effort in protecting their network from attack and make sure that they have the best network security. Most people think that the threat of security attack is only come from outside the company. In fact, the attack from inside the company network is more harmful with high frequency to be happened. As written by Cryptek (2001), which based the argument from some articles, that…show more content…
If these vulnerabilities is not handle soon by the company, the information assets belong to the company can be easily steal from inside networks. Developing Secure Internal Network From all the attacks might threat corporate network either from outside or inside, company must think critically and fast to maintain the security of its network by building the good network security design. It is not enough for a company to rely their network security to the firewall only, since we’ve seen that the company network is also vulnerable with inside intrusion. To build a good internal security system, company must be able to integrate system, by using good hardware tools that can guarantee the flexibility, easiness to build and easy integration with other network. Company must also be able to build a good and strong internal security management, which allow us to control the system centrally. With the central monitoring, we can reduce the costs of developing the systems. The last tools may work is to integrate the security capabilities. As described by Cryptek (2001), the good management must be able to distributed user identification and authentication, distributed firewall capabilities and VPN technologies. There are some

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