Internal Of An Internal Communication Audit

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Task 2 2.1Internal corporate communications audit The primary purpose of conducting an internal communication audit is to ensure the corporate communication strategy in the organisation whether the proposed strategy meets the company’s goals. Audit can be processed by observations, analysis and evaluations, interviews, focus groups and surveys of employees and other key stakeholders who support needed to improve the internal communication strategy. Internal communication audit process Channel mapping Personal interviews Focus groups Questionnaire Analysis Reporting Feedback & action Follow up survey (Scholes, 1997) 2.2 conduct an internal corporate communications audit Routine Operations of IT Unit: The Analysis The IT unit in the Organization was analyzed for its working. The Organizational communication strategy was observed closely, right after the new project requirements were handed over to the unit head by the Business unit. The new project required Oracle as the technology. Apparently, the IT head had no clue about the financials involved in acquiring the project from client. He did not look keen on knowing anything apart from the technology that they would be working on, and the final deadline that the client had asked for. Information Flow from Business to IT unit The information was listed as bullet points, printed on a plain white A4 sheet of paper, highlighting the business requirements, important links, deadlines and the e-mail IDs of the members

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