Internal Organizational Politics

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Questions: 1. The typical U.S. employee works in an establishment with about 600 full-time and 72 part-time workers. It is also true that the median numbers for full- and part-time workers are 50 and 2. Explain this apparent paradox. 2. Why are small companies important to our economy? What are the major problems faced by small companies? 3. Give some examples of how organizations can affect the cities in which they are based. 4. How can internal organizational changes affect the social structure of the organization? How can managers minimize the negative aspects of change in order to preserve the social structure? 5. Explain the differences between horizontal and vertical differentiation. Give examples to support your…show more content…
Using this company as an example, highlight the dangers involved in undertaking change without careful consideration of where "change" might lead. 39. Using Energizer Holdings as an example, why would a Command and Control management structure hinder the transformation to a global business? Explain how information sharing boosted productivity at Energizer. Include a graphic of Energizer Holdings in this essay. 40. Write 500 words or more in this essay. Go to Study their article "The Outlook for Energy: A view to 2030". This company caused the Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska (1989). After analyzing their report, write an essay on what Exxon wants to achieve in organizational performance and change-goals. Compare what you find here with what you know (or can learn about) the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster related to British Petroleum (BP). Give your own comparisons and
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