Internal Reasons Affecting China 's Youth Unemployment

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In addition, there are some internal reasons affecting China’s youth unemployment. Firstly, Zha (2013) argues that the employment rate of graduates and the quality of employment have a strong connection with personal quality and individual cultivation. This has indicated soft skills and personality are extremely significant for potential job candidates. Soft skills are always associated with a person’s EQ, which is essential for employability. It also is possible to identify soft skills for graduate employability. Examples of such soft skills are: reliability, the ability to work under pressure, the capacity to effectively communicate and interact with others, and self-confidence (Andrews J. and Higson H.2008). However, these skills are not possessed by most graduates in China. Secondly, in Chinese families there are many “NEET,” meaning Not in Education, Employment or Training – a term often used to refer to people who do not want to take a job,but choose to live with their parents. Many parents through their own efforts raise children until they enter college, hoping to provide a better foundation for their children so as to ensure they do not start from a disadvantageous position. Such Parents are willing to let their children live at home, and advise children to apply for better jobs. This causes another problem as a growing number of graduates decide to stay in school, believing that further education will only make them more likely to obtain a higher paying job (Lv,
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