Internal Relations And Employee Communication

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This is Internal Relations and Employee Communication PR; it contributes to effective communication within an organization. The employees are any organization’s most important publics, so this PR targets them. Communication inside an organization is arguably more important than external communication, because the organization has to function effectively in attaining its goals in order to survive. Basically, accurate and timely communication from the corporation and face-to-face managerial communication plays a huge role in helping to secure employees action in favor of company goals. An organization’s most important relationships are those with employees at all levels. The terms internal publics and employee publics refers to both the…show more content…
Feedback at all levels is so valuable. In the U.S., one responsibility of the internal relations staff is to educate their employees about compliance with the government relations; also they are responsible for ensuring that safety standards are maintained. Responsible communication can be a matter of life and death. Word of mouth is often times the quickest way to communicate information. The “grapevine” is potent because many times the information it carries is either unreliable or exaggerated. It’s dangerous and definitely a challenge to organizations. The PR staff usually stays in tune with the grapevine and can head off the gossip by releasing the true facts. Basically, if the internal communications program is inadequate, then the grapevine will unfortunately fill in the information gaps. Internal communication serves many different purposes. It is meant to acculturate employees; it serves as a way to inform employees of developments within their organization. It is a way for the organization to actually listen to its employees and what many don’t realize: employee-to-employee communication is incredibly important. The main roles of military public affairs is to provide the public with information about military operations and polices; to enhance morale of the men and women who serve; and to showcase the efforts and accomplishments of the men and
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