Internal Scan Essay

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Contents Internal Scan 2 Product 2 Value 4 Communication 4 People 5 Place 6 Traffic Analysis 7 Traffic Count: Fairweather 7 References 8 Internal Scan An internal scan is conducted in order to identify if the five factors of the retailing mix: product, value, communication, people, and place are present, and if they are working together in a way that it benefits a specific retailer. The purpose of this report is to determine if Fairweather’s retailing mix includes all five factors and if their specific mix is appropriate for them in regards to their female fashion department. Product Fairweather carries a variety of female merchandise categories which consists of: dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets and coats, denim, pants, shorts, and…show more content…
As with products, Fairweather’s value aspect of the retail mix is also unfortunately not working in their favour. Although the prices at first glance are attractive and drives traffic into the store, once consumers engage with the products by touching, and seeing them, they realize the quality is not worth the price. In other words, they do not perceive any value from purchasing Fairweather’s products. There are not any benefits to be gained. The quality of Fairweather’s products are perceived to be as cheap, and thus, overpriced. Even for the price sensitive consumer, they will not squander their money on products that they do not deem of good quality, or good value even if the price is low because the valued gained, is very little. Communication Communication is a very vital aspect of a retailer’s business as it allows a retailer to inform its consumers about their product offerings, special promotions, and/or upcoming sales. For Fairweather, they have very few communication practices in place. They use large red and yellow posters and signs located on the outside of their store to inform consumers of their grand opening as well as inventory clear out sales. Furthermore, they have large yellow signs situated on the racks communicating to consumers their promotions, for example, their 2 for $30 deals. These yellow signs are used to promote store sales, and in terms of consumers, the amount of dollars they will save. Fairweather also has an online
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