Internal Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Bakery

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4Ps) to tackle this issue. We begin with layout our marketing objectives for the plan followed by the situation analysis to evaluate the internal strengths and weaknesses of the bakery. We also do research on the factors that are threat for growth of the business and identify the challenges which are obstacle in the path of business and this will help us to find the proper way of segmenting and targeting the customers market according to their requirements. Further it aided us in formulating marketing mix for a better position in the market mix. Finally our marketing ends with the finding of marketing strategies and evaluating the key performance of market evaluation. We hope that this marketing plan help the “Cupcake Central” for…show more content…
Goal should be like that reflect our desire to achieve the dream. In this company as we distinguish our product and focus on the achievement of high quality of product that satisfies the needs of the customers, the company market itself as a high quality product manufacture. The position of the company in the market is the premium segment and targeting the customers who value quality and appreciates creativity. The key objectives are: • Business should be market oriented that means to get a better place in the competitive market by providing better quality. • Increase customers by 1% or more in a month. • Increase market share by gaining and maintaining the good reputation in the market by 1% each year. • Raise funds to fulfill our desired goals. So fundamentally the main objective for setting these goal is to expand our business by providing good quality products to our customers at an affordable price so that they love our products and attached with us for longer time and also advertise our business through word of mouth. So it will be helpful for our growth and expansion of the business in the longer term. 3. Situation Analysis (5C’s): 3.1 Customer Cupcake central targets both the local and special event customers as it provide services to special events like weddings, birthdays and corporate functions. We also target the online customers through online and the main aim is to
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