Internal Threats From Hackers And Malicious Software

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Introduction With the widespread of computer networks and the increasing number of threats, privacy issues, etc. information security is now a necessity for all organizations. This has alerted businesses globally to take steps in ensuring the security of their information and other assets. While most security measures focus on the external threats from hackers and malicious software, internal threats account for twice the impact of loss as external threats. These internal threats could be Intentional or accidental. But mostly internal threats are caused by poor access control which leads to an unauthorized level of access beyond the scope of their position. To forestall the troubles produced by employee use of information systems and other assets, producing a thorough information security design is almost significant. This program will provide the system with necessary details regarding the role of the organization’s assets. Organizational Security As a large insurance company with 70 employees and nine departments; human resources, finance, audit, sales, marketing, legal, customer service and IT support. With staff having a perquisite knowledge of information technology. Nevertheless, in that respect is no adequate security program to guarantee the security of the company’s assets. This can be observed as the background security problem as it is required that a company of this size should deliver a security program which spreads over all assets.I.e. Data, devices and
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