Internal Use Only Classification

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Unit 1 Assignment 2: Impact of a Data Classification Standard

Course Name & Number: NT2580 Introduction to Information Security

Learning Objectives and Outcomes * You will learn how to determine the impact of a data classification standard on an organization's IT infrastructure.

Assignment Requirements
You are a networking intern at Richman Investments, a mid-level financial investment and consulting firm. Your supervisor has asked you to draft a brief report that describes the “Internal Use Only” data classification standard of Richman Investments. Write this report addressing which IT infrastructure domains are affected by the standard and how they are affected. In your report, mention at least three IT
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1. User Domain- The User Domain defines the people in the organization that make up the network. Employees are responsible for the use of their assets. That responsibility is extended to the information that is classified as “internal use only”. This domain is affected in a few different ways. First, it forces the user to become aware of what they are sending through emails out to external addresses. Information that is classified as “internal use only” cannot be divulged in emails, texts, or over the phone. This is information that may or may not be classified that must not be seen beyond the confines of the company infrastructure. 2. LAN-WAN (Local Area Network to Wide Area Network) - This domain is where the IT infrastructure of the company is connected to the World Wide Web. The way this domain is affected could be better understood by looking at a few security risks that exist on that domain. The two that directly relate to this material is unauthorized access to systems, applications, and data and rogue users on the WAN gaining access to the system remotely. Those threats are constant in any situation, but when it comes to “internal use only” classified data, it is an enormous threat. That data will affect the WAN because it will have to be filtered to ensure that type of data is not making it from the LAN to the WAN. This is data that must not reach the WAN and possibly fall into the wrong
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