Internal Vs. External Communication

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Introduction Information Technology Management (ITPM involves leading the implementation of an IT infrastructure upgrade, migration, or installation. According to their corporate website, Telephone & Data Systems, Inc. is the parent company to U.S. Cellular, TDS Telecom (an internet service provider), and OneNeck IT Solutions (a hosted IT consulting company). IT Project Managers within this company and others use both common communication methods, as well as many unique to their profession and colleagues. The purpose of this report is to examine Telephone & Data Systems Inc. (TDS) and ITPM through an analysis of internal vs. external communication, in-person vs. “other” (electronic) forms of communication, and the use of official lines of communication vs. unofficial lines of communication. Internal vs. External Communication Internal communication between colleagues at TDS, which takes place through various in-person and “other” forms of communication, has a heavy reliance on technical diction. Flexibility and knowledge of the technical language within the field can help in adapting to the work environment. Even if not familiar with all of the technologies, knowing the technical language can help in putting the puzzle together. Collaborative learning among peers is another key aspect of the internal workplace communication environment. Although many are intimidating as technical professionals, sending a quick message to a coworker or stopping by their desk to
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