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The morgan hotel group

Internal analysis

At Morgans Hotel Group, we are the global leader and innovator of the lifestyle hospitality sector, dedicated to building a differentiated brand portfolio and establishing our properties in 24 hour urban and select resort markets. We create a vibe that encourages our guests, who we call the Creative Class, to live every moment more intensely. Morgans Hotel Group is immersive, transformative and deeply engaging; embracing irony and style, elegance and luxury, with strong and daring vision. We bring together the creative power of many – designers, artists, musicians – to bend the rules, stretch the realm of possibility and constantly push the boundaries of what a hotel can be. We lead, where
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Now is the time for us to be daring and innovative as we embrace a greener lifestyle and continue to set precedents for our industry. Gone are the days of a typecast granola green. Our vision is a vibrant, fresh, alive green – a truly glamorous green’.

The Company’s objectives in using interest rate derivatives are to add stability to interest expense and to manage its exposure to interest rate movements. To accomplish these objectives, the Company primarily uses interest rate caps as part of its interest rate risk management strategy. Interest rate caps designated as cash flow hedges involve the receipt of variable- rate amounts from a counterparty in exchange for the Company making fixed-rate payments over the life of the agreements without exchange of the underlying notional amount. Interest rate caps designated as cash flow hedges involve the receipt of variable-rate amounts from a counterparty if interest rates rise above the strike rate on the contract in exchange for an up- front premium.

Unlike many hotel companies, our sales managers are trained to sell the experience, not simply the rate. By branding the “experience,” we showcase the kind of creativity that happens inside our hotels and prove that our guests come to us for much more than just a room or a bed. Our objective is to create differentiation by selling an “experience” and brand.

Our goal is to build a global
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