Internal and External Factors Affecting Performance Management

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Internal and External Factors: The four functions of management across every organization include organizing, planning, controlling, and leading. In order for an organization to be effective and successful in the ever-changing business world, these four functions of management are necessary. However, the performance of these functions in any organization is usually affected by both internal and external factors. While examples of internal factors include diversity, ethics, and innovation, external factors include technological advancements and globalization. An analysis of the internal factors shows that ethics impacts leadership and controlling functions of management as diversity and creativity affect leading and organizing functions. Moral and ethical integrity is a major factor that affects the success and productivity of an organization because of its impact on the functions of management and the management team. As organizational ethics has increasingly become an issue of major focus resulting in organizations to face huge dilemma, there have been several questions on who should manage ethics and integrity in the firm (Segon, n.d.). In most cases, organizations tend to delegate the ethics function to the human resource management practitioners or department. This is primarily because organizational ethics is largely related to the type of employees within an organization. Notably, the development and establishment of organizational ethics is regarded as a complex
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