Internal and External Factors Defining the Nurse Network Organization

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Nurse Network Introduction The objective of this study is to examine and describe the internal and external factors that have defined and shaped the organization in terms of it size, organizational structure, and processes and to answer whether the demand for more accountability affected the behavior of the organization in any way. The National Nurse Network website states that HR 485 of the National Nurse Act of 2013 states: "There is overwhelming evidence supporting the critical need to boost health promotion and prevention efforts as well as answer the public demand for increased leadership in nursing. HRÂ 485 will bring forth the significant and trusted voice of the nurse to the ongoing conversation about health and health care in America." (p.1) The nurse understands that healthcare is a "crisis with soaring costs and rising epidemics of preventable diseases." (National Nurse Network, 2013, p.1) I. Nursing Roles The public health nurse has many roles with one of the primary roles being a supportive role for the Surgeon General's prevention initiatives through: (1) assisting in the promotion of a nationwide shift in healthcare to prevention and wellness; (2) bolstering efforts focus the public on healthy living; 3) intensification of nursing roles including students and retirees in promoting community health; and (4) in the provision of a greater level of support to the Surgeon General in calling for improvements in health literacy and reduction in health

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