Internal and External Factors Influencing Management

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Two of the Toyota Production System 's philosophies are "Daily improvements" and "Good Thinking. Good Products" (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2010). Recently, Toyota has faced a mass recall. There are several external and internal factors to consider as Toyota 's management reevaluates and reformulates its four functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Factors that impact the four functions are: globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics. Managers need to use delegation to manage all functions and factors to reestablish the credibility the company. Planning is a decision making process that incorporates a cycle in which outcomes are analyzed, evaluated, and revised. More specifically, internal and…show more content…
Management plans to use technology to achieve future goals. They help with designing vehicles and communicating to other facilities to make sure that everything is operating correctly. Management organizes information using technology such as the Internet so customers can see more information regarding their vehicles and their prices. They also organize information for the employees so they can see new information which is out, such as the recall on the Toyota vehicles. Then they can tell their customers what to expect and how to handle the situation. Technology allows management to be leaders and to motivate their employees by sending congratulations e-mails to the top sales employee or by telling them what they have earned if they sell a specific amount of vehicles. Motivating employees helps keep the morale strong, and the Internet helps communicate motivational messages across different countries and departments. Controlling technology helps managers so see what quotas were met to reach the goals. Quotas will make it easier for the manager to calculate everything to be sure employees reached their goals and by how much more they need to go if they have not reached them. Management plans for innovation when they begin their projects. They need to determine what new innovation will bring them and how much it will contribute to the company. If innovation is a good idea, such as using different types of gas pedals on the vehicles, then management can
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