Internal and External Factors

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Internal and External Factors MGT/330 Management: Theory, Practice, and Application December 19,2011 Ian Peters Internal and External Factors (Goodwill Industries) Businesses everywhere have to plan and set goals in order to thrive and succeed in whatever conditions the economy may be in. Part of planning and goal setting for any company is identifying internal and external factors that will have an impact on the success of a company as well as determining how they will impact the company. Knowing what the influences are and how they will impact the company allows a company to plan and set goals accordingly. For the purposes of this paper the company Goodwill is going to be used as an example. This paper will identify some…show more content…
Goodwill also prides itself on its innovation embracing continual improvement, creativity and change. In fact, innovative training seminars that focus on the employment of a diverse population are one of Goodwill Industries biggest successes. Managers have delegated leaders to work innovative training seminars to train and build strengths and skills to a diverse population."At Goodwill, we focus on the growth of individuals with disabilities and other barriers to independence," said Dan Rogers, president & CEO of Goodwill of Orange County. "We assist these individuals with their work and social skills, their cultural and language differences, and aid their access to a community that will allow them to enter the workplace and enhance their self-respect and dignity." Orange County Business Journal” (2005). In the topic of business ethics Goodwill Industries has a written code of conduct concerning ground rules and consequences concerning ethics. Goodwill delegates this to top management to make sure the code is being followed. Top management delegates store management to provide training to all

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