Internal and External Factors of Wal-Mart.

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Wal-Mart is a company that has always presented the image to go the extra mile to meet customer satisfaction. They have been able to grow in times when most companies were facing hardship. The implementation of in January 2000 was a major step for the Wal-Mart organization. Their globalization, e-business, and ethics have been essential in the success of this and any company. Many people claim the ethics of Wal-Mart has changed greatly, and not for the better, since the death of Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart. Globalization is the application of making something worldwide. In today's day and age, as far as competition is involved, Wal-Mart has an advantage over their competition. They have grown so powerful in such a short…show more content…
They also process returns, refunds, and rebates quickly. For the security conscience, Wal-Mart offers the latest in online credit card security. So shopping online can be convenient and safe right from you home. They also offer a safe, secure and complete website where consumers can purchase all of the same products found in the store. The website has proven to be a great strength for Wal-Mart. Not only is it a means for purchasing products, but is also a very thorough informational site. Consumers can log onto and search company financials, find employment, learn about the history of Wal-Mart, email the company about problems, and learn about any recalls of products sold through Wal-Mart. Ethics play a large role in the success of any organization. The founder of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton created a philosophy he called the "3 Basic Beliefs". The first is defined as Respect for the individual, believing "Our people make the difference" (Wal-Mart 2004). No matter what color, background, or lifestyle, each employee is treated with respects. The second belief, Service to our customer, is explained as maintaining the lowest price and the best possible service. This is an attractive selling point to any customers or potential employee. The third belief, Strive for excellence, is being about to adapt to the changing economy by creating new ideas

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