Internal and External Factors on Management

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Internal and External Factors on Management Functions MGT/230 Internal and External Factors on Management Functions The four functions of management are generally described in this order; 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Leading 4. Controlling These functions are affected by factors from inside an organization as well as outside of the organization (Bateman, 2011). Some of these external factors include globalization, competitors, suppliers, technology, customers, the government, and economic conditions. Factors inside a company can be production issues, personnel problems, finances, ethics, lack of innovation, and cultural diversity can be either internal or external (Bateman, 2011). The corporate model that Google has…show more content…
Their innovation of a collection of information to be accessed in a one stop shop format was the catalyst to what we know as Google today. The search engine was first used to search information on the Stanford Universities servers. The engines worked so well that it soon engulfed the bandwidth of the universities servers. The founders knew that they had something amazing on their hands. The innovation that compelled them to create this engine would need to expand. Google needed to implement a new organization of technology to ensure the growth of the company. The acquisition of seed money catapulted them to becoming an important fixture of the dot com boom. In the respect of Google the newly designed technology made it much easier and made sense that the best way to grow would to become global. The globalization occurred 2000 when they released the ability to search in ten other languages making Google a common word in many other countries besides the U.S. The rate of growth Google experienced is truly astonishing. Google went from an eight employee firm in 1999 to well over a 1000 employees today. An example of the well managed leadership from the company is the way they have so intuitively diversified. This company dealt with only internet searches, and now makes software for cell phones, software for Mac and pc’s, sets up domain names, leads the field in technological research and development, and the
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