Internal and External Pursuasive Communication Essay

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Internal and External Persuasive Communication

COM 537
August 19, 2013

Organizations both large and small, all share a common feature. This feature is internal and external stakeholders. An organization can have a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. It is vital to make certain that designated managers within the organization keeps both internal and external stakeholders informed of accolades, potential problems, problems, as well as any other issue that has transpired that will affect them. By doing so, all stakeholders will remain happy, and may even be able to offer applicable feedback.

Persuasive Memo to Internal Stakeholder: Employees
To: Best Games
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Either way: there will be disgruntled customers.
Consider the first choice: rolling the game out with the technical issues still remaining. Yes, we would more than likely exceed our sales expectation. We are more than certain that the game would sale, as our sales records show, but if the customers are dissatisfied with our product that be reflected in future sales. How would this choice change the opinions of our customers? Perhaps they would think that compared to our previous products, this game is not what they expected, I wasted my money, this game is not working properly and I would like a refund – and so on. How would we as an organization recover from this? Would we be able to recover? The potential for loss is very great in this situation.
Now, consider the second choice: delaying the release of the video game allowing our video game developers more time to resolve the technical bugs, and bring our product up to spec. This will however prevent the organization from reaching its projected sales goal. How would this make the customer feel? Perhaps they would be disappointed for the additional wait, they may be very pleased with the quality of or product once again, they may feel as is the additional wait was well worth it because the product is outstanding. What would this mean for future sales? Increased customer loyalty, increased sales, and we would
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