Internal and External factors in Nike

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Running head: INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTORS IN NIKEInternal and External factors in NikeMelena GillihanUniversity of PhoenixInternal and External factors in NikeBateman and Snell (2007) state that, "Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals" (Chap.1, pg 16.) In order for this to work and run smoothly the four functions of management come into play; leading, controlling, organizing, and planning. The four functions are impacted by internal and external factors such as globalization, technology, innovation, ethics and diversity. The successful application of the four management functions when dealing with these factors, impact the success and failures of Nike.

According to DeCarlo
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The individualized web pages allow easier access for consumers to search for specific apparel or gear. In the past searching for one pair of sneakers needed for basketball could have taken a good length of time, now you just go to and you are able to search for that sneaker with no problem. This new system has given the customers something to be happy and satisfied with as well as it giving Nike a great lead in the industry as far as sales.

InnovationInnovation in the business world is defined as "the act of introducing something new" (Webster's Dictionary). Nike is a company that from the beginning wanted to make a change not only through the United States but throughout the world. Nike believes that "sports unleash potential" (Nike Responsibility, 2008). Not only is Nike looking to change the potential of people in sports but potential in life. Over the years Nike has tried to evolve their product line so that they can implement change throughout the world.

Nike has tried to create a new and exciting line of products that will enable athletes to become better at their desired sport. Nike has made over seventeen different types of shoes for different sports that are used on a daily basis by many different people (Nike INC, 2008). These products have evolved from a simple tennis shoe to an impressively crafted product that not only changes

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