Internal competitive environment of Tyson

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Tyson food always involves in continuous market research in order to understand about the taste and preference of the customers. They alter their product focus according to the requirements; this is evident from Tyson’s concentration on protein foods when compared to red meat due to the increasing health consciousness among people. Tyson has created for new leadership position in order to implement the strategic growth of the company in an effective manner (Tyson, 2013). This has created more leadership position within the organization in order to increase the focus on all major operating segments of the company (Globe Newswire, 2013). This will increase the focus and competitiveness of the entire organization and it is a great strength for the company. Change in the management style clearly indicates about their plan in increasing their internal competency. This will enable the company to focus on all the segments which increase the competitiveness of the company in the market (Arkansas Business, 2013). Change in the management is required whenever a company wants to move on to next level. The next major internal competitiveness for the company is its diversified portfolio which enables them in catering the requirements of all people. Tyson takes due care about the quality of food they serve to people. They take more initiative in maintaining the food safety. This begins from the farm that is they ensure all the birds and animals are healthy and medical facility

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