Internal or External Change Leaders

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Assessment 1, Topic 1: Analyse the issue of whether change leaders should be internal or external to the organization. Consider the circumstances under which you would recommend internal verses external leadership Introduction There are varying views and opinions on whether external or internal consultants should be used in an organisation. Though the objective of having a consultant is the same, what each have to provide for the organisation differs vastly from Although external and internal consultants have much in common, their different experiences and positioning in relation to the organisation results in unique strengths and contrasting perceptions by their clients. Their contributions and value differ according to…show more content…
Based on different requirements and factors, an organisation would favour either internal or external change practitioners to lead the change. In certain cases, both internal and external consultants are sometimes used concurrently. Internal change practitioners are primarily chosen due to their intimate knowledge of being in the organisation. They understand the day-to-day cycle of how the company works, the cultural norms that flows within the company, and its history. Furthermore, with sensitive information on projects and transformational processes, organisations are more inclined to have an internal practitioners as they would be in the company for the long run. External change agents on the other hand is favoured because the common perception is that they have a higher level of specialisation in the field with the most updated methods of working. This is even more so when the external consultant is highly reputable with many creditials. They are also mainly used when there is a need for a outsider's view of the organisation or when an objective second opinion is required. Further detail of factors favouring internal or external change leaders would be discussed below. Why internal change leaders: Confidentiality and Commitment In situations where there are sensitive issues that the organisation is not willing to reveal to external parties, an internal change leader is much preferred, as access
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