Internal vs External Leadership Change

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Contents 1) Introduction 2 2) Types of OD Practitioners 2 3) Advantages and disadvantages of Internal/External 3 OD Practitioners
3.1 Internal OD Practitioners 3
3.1.1 Advantages of Internal OD Practitioners 3
3.1.2 Disadvantages of Internal OD Practitioners 4

3.2 External OD Practitioners 4
3.2.1 Advantages of External OD Practitioners 4
3.2.2 Disadvantages of External OD Practitioners 4

4) Criteria in choosing Internal or External OD Practitioners 5
4.1 Type of change 5
4.2 Time required 6
4.3 Knowledge and skills required to implement change 6
4.4 Political situation within the organisation 6 5) Conclusion 6 6) References 8

1. Introduction
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4.3.4 Disadvantages of External OD Practitioner
However, the downside of having an external OD Practitioner would be that extra time is needed to gain knowledge of the organisation. Internal members of the organisation would be wary of the external OD Practitioners and may not give accurate and timely responses or information. There might also be a lack of commitment due to the practitioner not being from within the organisation and members within the organisation might feel that should bigger issues arise, the external OD Practitioner would be able to simply walk away with little negative consequences. 4. Criteria in choosing an internal or external OD Practitioner
Internal and external OD Practitioners adds different values to an organisation; therefore, organisations should asses their own needs and then make the choice of which to use based on the contributions each makes (Scott & Hascall, 2003). According to Waldersee, Griffiths, & Lai (2003), there are 4 steps to be used in the selection strategy, listed below are the steps required: 5.3 Type of change
There are two types of change, one would be incremental change and the other, quantum change. Incremental change is a step-by-step change where the organisation has got the luxury of time to implement the change at a pace they are comfortable with, examples of such would be addressing problems like poor communication between departments, high absenteeism among low level
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