International Accounting

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Office hours: Thursday 4:30-5:30: as announced in class; and by appointment. (NOTE: I am typically in most weekdays, and appointments—face-to-face or telephone—are typically easy to arrange. I am also available by e-mail.) Required texts: • Chapters 10 and 11 from Advanced Accounting, 11th edition Fischer, Taylor and Cheng. You can purchase these chapters as PDFs from: Here is some specific information about the book to help you find the chapters: Advanced Accounting,11th Edition (do not purchase chapters 10 and 11 from the 10th ed); Authors: P. Fischer, Wm. Tayler, R. Cheng; ISBN-13: 9780538480284 1152 Pages | © 2012 • Chapters 4 and 5 from International Accounting 3rd edition,…show more content…
One point worth noting: I encourage you to form study groups. You can learn more, learn faster, and have more fun when you work together. HOWEVER, you will be expected to hand in your own work. Handing in a single paper with multiple names or near-identical copies of work is not acceptable. Class participation. Think of each class as an oral quiz, where you have 150 minutes to demonstrate your knowledge. You must be prepared for each class, to respond to questions about the assigned readings and problems. Obviously, regular attendance is essential for your grade since you will not be able to actively participate in classes that you do not attend. While it is only 15% of the total points, that amount can easily make a difference in your final grade. NOTE: To the extent possible, I keep track of the QUALITY of what you say rather than simply tracking the quantity of what you say. I am concerned with questions like: Does your comment contribute something new to the discussion? (as opposed to being something that can be summarized by “I agree with the previous comment”); Are you relating the current discussion to other classes that you have taken (accounting, finance, political science, OB…)?; Does your comment move the discussion along and create additional fruitful discussion? (A friendly suggestion: You will be more likely to be able to make really good comments if you are well prepared for class.) ALSO: Don’t be afraid to do research beyond the
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