International Adoption Research Paper

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Adoption is the action or fact of being adopted. International adoption is a type of adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parent(s) of a child who is a native of a different country. The United States has the most domestic and international adoptions each year. Most adoptions to the United States come from China, Ethiopia, and Ukraine (Top 3 Countries). International adoption, especially through Afghanistan, is a long and complicated process. International adoption largely began after the end of World War II and the Cold War due to refugee migrations, famines, and disasters. United States service personnel stationed abroad during war time produced children in Europe, Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and throughout Asia. Military families were the first group to start adopting children from West Germany. With the help of Christian groups motivating the formation of organizations for orphans…show more content…
One boy and one girl were adopted from a country with thousands of kids orphaned due to over 30 years of conflict (“Afghanistan”, “Ali Muhammad”). This may be because of the strictness as to who may adopt children in Afghanistan. There aren’t any age, residency, or marriage requirements for adopting a child in Afghanistan. Potential parents must be able to demonstrate a sufficient resources to raise and educate a child. Non-muslims are not allowed to adopt muslim children and potential parents must demonstrate to the child’s family in Afghanistan that they intend to raise the child with Islamic traditions and norms. Potential parents may be rejected if they have been convicted of crimes against public morality or chastity, have a bad reputation, do not have a legitimate income, have previously lost custody of the child, have been denied custody by the father or paternal grandfather of the child, or if they have any judicial
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