International Adoptions Vs. International Adoption

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There are many different important aspects to consider in international adoptions versus domestic adoption. When adopting from a foreign country, it is important be comfortable with respecting and teaching the country’s culture and ethics to that child as it is part of their cultural heritage. Likewise, children adopted internationally are of various ethnicities of which you must be comfortable with accepting into your own family. To adopt internationally, travel to the foreign country is usually required once or twice for a period of one to two weeks each trip. This will allow the chance to meet with the child selected for adoption. International adoptions are comprised of the adoption of a child from an orphanage. Due to government guidelines and abandonment issues in foreign countries, it is impossible or very limited to access information regarding the child or their family’s medical or personal history prior to arrival at the orphanage (How to Adopt, n.d.). Because most children adopted internationally are cared for in an orphanage, they are at an increased risk of developmental or motor delays as also stated by How to Adopt (n.d.). It is also important to note that newborns are not available for adoption in foreign countries as it takes time to process all the foreign documentation and approval needed prior to travel to picking up the child and bringing them to the U.S.
Child Referral & Assignment. Unlike the domestic adoption process, internationals adoption consist of matching an already born child to the prospective adoptive parents. This referral process as identified by New Beginnings (n.d.) usually provides the adoptive parents with a picture of the child and any available information on the child regarding age, gender, family history, medical records, or special needs. From this information, the adoptive family will have to make the decision as to whether to proceed or decline the child referral. If the family agrees to continue, then the child will be officially assigned as being in the adoption process by the adoptive parents.
Travel, Court Hearing and Finalization. Following the referral and child assignment, preparation will be made to adopt the child identified. Forms such
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