International Alliances during World Wars I and II

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As nations across the world started to build their troops and modernize, they also began to ally with each other, especially throughout Europe. The Triple Entente consisted of Great Britain, Russia, and France- and the Triple Alliance consisting of Germany, Austria and Italy. Since land was still being fought over in Europe it was bound for a war to start, the spark setting off the beginning of WWI was in the Balkans, this is where the Ottoman Empire disintegrates and new territories wanted to take control. By the time August rolled around Germany had declared war on Russia and France, but as they meet outside the river in Paris the war takes a pause and they just battle as a stalemate. Accompanying the entrance of this war was a huge modernization in weaponry including machine guns, tanks, submarines, aircraft, and submarines. As the countries continued to fight they began to come up with different ways to battle besides weapons and started to use chlorine and mustard gas. This made both sides of battle have to wear gas masks and the number of causalities to rapidly increase. However, in the United States, President Woodrow Wilson did not want to get involved with the actions taking place in the western world. The problem with this was these were the nations who the U.S. were…
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