International And International Law And Policy

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The International community: developments in International law and policy.
(Kirsti Samuels, 2007)

Civil war has become the dominant type of war in death tolls and severity. It has caused humanitarian destruction on a vast scale, as well as serious disruption of regional and international peace and security. The author Samuels states that her purpose of this work was that she has written this to collate and analyse a broad range of international community practice with respect to civil conflicts and coup d’ etat, and to investigate how this practice, which has changed in the past 15 years, is shaping international law and policy. (Samuels, 2007). Since the end of the World War II, and especially in the last decade, states, regional organizations, and the UN have become involved in situations of civil conflicts and coups d’ etat. The international community has also formulated a series of rationales for its actions, ranging from rejecting violence against civilians to rejecting the use of force against domestic governments. The author states that for many years, such responses to civil conflicts and coups took place in the cold war context, and they were largely governed by geopolitical ideology and superpower motives rather than international policy or legal norms. This piece of work will focus on the chapter called ‘ The nature and impact of the emerging norms’. I chose this particular chapter as it’s the most relevant to what Samuel’s is trying to address in her book.
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