International Association On Computer Science

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As new technology is built and sports continue to thrive and expand on an international level, the integration between the sports world and developing technology cannot be overlooked. Although the field of sports informatics is relatively new, its development into a promising form of science is successfully emerging. The field is defined as a “collectivity of knowledge, scientific argumentation, and research methods that deal with problems and phenomena related to sport” (Lames, and Link). Given this broad definition, sport informatics possesses many attractive perspectives within sport, including but not limited to: “the measurement and reporting of physiological data, computerized performance analysis, and motor behavior and physiological adaptation” (Lames, and Link). In other words, the current approaches used by scientists in this field are described as creating a virtual environment for training specific perception tasks for a particular sport. Inevitably, this type of virtual sports environment possesses the power to redefine the athletic world as this new age of technology simultaneously redefines our culture.
The International Association on Computer Science in Sport (IACSS) was created in 2002 for research in the area of sports development. The strongest factor that helps fuel this association’s success is its close links with other various sports data and informatics workgroups. It maintains relations with the International Association for Sports Information
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