International Atomic Energy Agency : Indo Pakistani Arms Race

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International Atomic Energy Agency The Indo-Pakistani Arms Race Grenada Huntington Beach High School MUN: The Indo-Pakistani Arms Race I. Brief Background of the Topic The Indo-Pakistani conflict began at around 1947. During the British colonial rule, Indian and Muslim nationalism resulted in the conflict between India and Pakistan. The conflict was mostly between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim Leagfue. As the British retreated after the end of World War II, the British government advised, before its departure, that the two organizations should cooperate and draft a constitutional framework. However, due to bitter tensions, they refused to cooperate. As a result, the British implemented its own plan on these two…show more content…
This was necessary because in South Asia, in order to sustain life, the basin irrigation system of Indus was crucial for ecology. Despite their past, these two countries managed to cooperate because if they had not done so, these two countries would’ve suffered from a very problematic consequence. This reveals India and Pakistan’s capabilities of overcoming difficult hindrances to attain mutual goals. Unfortunately, a few years later, at around 1945, the Second Kashmir War began when Pakistan attempt to force India to concede their land (Jammu and Kashmir) by provoking an uprising. India responded by attacking Kashmir all the way across into Pakistan. Pakistan, due to its lack of troops and munitions, had a tremendous amount of difficulty, during the war. Throughout the years, several conflicts and wars continued to occur between these two nations. In 1998, the Bharatya Janata Party (BJP), a Hindu party, formed a national government. It attempted to strength India’s national security by testing nuclear weapons. However, Pakistan responded by testing nuclear weapons of their own. This sparked the arms conflict between India and Pakistan. The Indo-Pakistani arms race is affecting countries globally because it has the capability of beginning a nuclear war. Currently, as India strengthens its bond with the United States, Pakistan is gradually becoming closer to two powerful nations: Russia and China. If Pakistan and India were to
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