International Business: Adapting Products for Export

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The major problems facing companies, especially smaller ones, in resolving product-adaptation issues are things that can differ in different cultures such as the taste of the product, the style, the color, or symbols, language, but also more specific like differences in technology, environmental differences, religion etc. The taste of a product is very important for the food, drinks and cigarette industry. Style is more important in car and fashion industry, which also includes the color and symbols. The meaning of a color or a symbol can differ from culture to culture. The package of the product can also need adaptations. Special symbols and the language need to adapt to the country/culture. Some symbols can be offensive in one…show more content…
4. Propose ways in which intellectual property piracy could be stopped permanently. I believe that it is simply not realistic to speak of eliminating all piracy, as there will always be at least a small segment of the population who can’t be deterred from stealing others’ ideas and creativity. Instead, what we can and should strive for is the reduction of piracy to the lowest levels possible; levels that will not rob authors and copyright owners of the incentive to create and distribute their works. I believe that this could be accomplished through a two-step copyright protection program of: 1) crafting a proper legal framework and 2) the adequate and proper implementation of the said framework. The legal framework provides the basic rights to copyright owners and establishes procedures for the enforcement of those rights. Those procedures must provide the opportunity to obtain adequate remedies when those rights are violated as well as the possibility of punitive monetary judgments and, in appropriate cases, imprisonment of the infringer. The second part of this copyright protection program is the application of these legal rules to ensure that copyright owners have actual, effective protection against infringement of their rights. 5. The software industry is the hardest hit by piracy. Using the Web site of the Business Software Alliance ( and WTO ( – check out egroups LINKS- assess how this

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