International Business- Assignment 4 Essay

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To: Reader
From: Nicole Ki
Date: June 26, 2014
Re: International Business- Assignment 4
1. Discuss the implications of globalization on the food industry in China. 2. What makes China so attractive to U.S. food companies? Discuss why it is important to gain 3. Reflect on the standardization versus adaptation debate as it relates to marketing fast food and processed food in China. Using the ‘4Ps’ of marketing, discuss how companies should approach the market. Which elements in the marketing mix can be standardized? Which elements must be adapted to suit local preferences? See 4. How is Western culture influencing China’s culture? Discuss how companies
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Third would be the reaction to the spread of globalization, there will be also be a permanent and growing interest in all things regional, local and authentic in the world of food. Organizations such as the Slow Food movement will continue to expand, and as well we will continue to see growth in artisanal products and heirloom fruits and vegetables. But the important thing for all of us in the food business to remember here is that authenticity is not an objective status but, rather, a fabricated designation referring to a product, process or "way of doing" to which certain critical parties (food critics, experts, artisans, craftspeople, the food industry) have lent their support. Lastly and the most troubling of all, we believe we're going to witness a long, steady decline of consumer interest in many of the legacy brands that dominated the American commercial landscape of the past century. In one sense we're already witnessing this phenomenon with declining center store sales and the rise of private label brands such as Trader Joe's, but a more fundamental problem is that the consumer of tomorrow is going to be thinking in terms of preparations, flavors and ingredients rather than branded food products. Packaged cookies, canned soups and frozen dinners will be replaced by desires for Biscotti, Fettuccini Alfredo, Chicken Mole or Rasam soup. 4. The Western Culture is influencing China by foreign direct
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