International Business Barriers

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Business is an important aspect of American lives. We always work for a business or we could be the one running the business. Businesses is one of the reasons a country is wealthy or not. They meet the basic needs and the luxuries of everyday life. Though there are a lot of sole proprietor businesses in America, we also have a fairly large sum of international business. International businesses have barriers and trade agreements in order to make them more successful. In order to have a good international business, you need some basic strategies. One of them is to “Build a broader customer base” ("International Business Strategies"). If you accomplish this, then you will have more people paying for your product. That’s a higher demand for whatever you are selling, which causes you to have more profits and the ability to expand your business. If you expand, you will need to hire more workers and that helps out the entire economy. Another strategy is “Lower production costs by using lower priced labor abroad” (“International Business Strategies”). This helps lower your overall costs and helps you lower the market price for your item so more people can buy it. That would increase demand and profits, having the same effect as the previous strategy. If you don’t want to lower the market price, it’s simply a bigger profit for you for every item you sell. If you were to lower the prices, it would give you an edge against the other international businesses in the particular field.
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