International Business Case Analysis

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Many U.S. companies are doing business internationally, but many complex situations can arise. Having an understanding of cultural differences in the workplace becomes important, and to understand these differences, people need to know and understand a culture’s ecological correlations, or in other words, the concepts that describe a culture (Brislin, P. 278). In reading the case “Negotiations – BWA Discovers the Indonesian Way” in Understanding and Managing Diversity, many cultural issues had come into play with the negotiations between the United States and Indonesian firm. Even though Jake Campbell, who is a U.S. project manager for BWA, has experience in managing other projects similar to the size and complexity of the National…show more content…
This is a popular practice in Indonesia which known as “asal bapak senang (keeping father happy)” (Whitfield, P. 10). Many Asian countries follow Confucian dynamism which the three concepts of this thought are unequal-status relationships lead to a stable society (i.e. father-son), the family is typical of all social organizations and virtue in life consists of working hard, of acquiring useful skills and as much education as possible, of not being a spendthrift, and of persevering when faced with difficult tasks (Brislin, P. 294-295). As we can see in this case, NEC’s culture seems to also follow Confucian dynamism, and in the issue I raised above, we can see the though of unequal-status relationship here. It is also important to note that in Indonesian culture, the office is the only place to discuss business. Jared should have refrained himself from discussing business unless they brought up the subject first (Whitfield, P. 13).
Jared called Anwar to discuss what happened at the party. After a week with a few phone calls and an informal meeting between Anwar, Jared the president of the PTF, Abdul Hasan, it was decided that Hasan would present Madjid with the estimate. In a separate meeting, Hasan presented the estimate of $5 million and discussed the reasons for the estimate. Madjid said he was surprised and that NEC could not afford such
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